Why Focus on Reducing Barriers to Aging Well?

Why Focus on Reducing Barriers to Aging Well?

1 in 3 Americans, and over 37% of York Countians, are now age 50 and older.  On average, people who reach age 65 will live another 18-20 years and people who reach age 85 will live another 6-7 years.  We’re an aging society, and data demonstrates that each future generation will continue to live longer.

To fully embrace the longevity of people, it’s important that policies, infrastructure, physical environments, and programs are designed to work for people of all ages.

Embracing Aging works on this by providing strategic leadership and grants that:

  • Increase the number of forward thinking options to help older people live as they choose in their community
  • Improve housing options for older adults by increasing the number of adapted, affordable, and quality housing options available
  • Improve physical environments by making them more age-friendly, resulting in increased accessibility and ease of mobility
  • Enhance how older people age in community by helping them access their needs and wants in housing, health and wellness, personal finance, transportation, community and social interaction, lifelong learning, and entertainment and connecting them with services and opportunities to assist them


YCCF’s Managing Director of Embracing Aging, Cathy Bollinger, is available to speak locally, regionally and nationally on a variety of topics, including creating age-friendly communities and dismantling ageism.  Click here to learn more.