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    Roth J. Preap
    Grants Program Associate
    Community Grant Programs

    Roth, Grants Program Associate, manages all aspects of our community grant programs and our online grant software, Foundant.

    Please reach out to him:

    • To apply for a community grant (up to $6,000)
    • To become a community grant reader
    • To receive information on our nonprofit Act 129 funding for energy-saving improvements
    • If you have any questions about our online grant software or need assistance in applying/reporting
    Layla Boyce
    Grants and Scholarship Program Administrator
    Grants & Scholarships

    Layla, Grants and Scholarship Administrator, is responsible for all our grant programs that operate at our donors’ intent.

    • Your Donor-Advised Funds
    • Your Designated Funds
    • Your agency endowments
    • Any of our scholarship programs
    • If you have any questions about YCCF’s directed grant programs
    Cathy Bollinger
    Managing Director of Embracing Aging
    Embracing Aging

    Cathy, Managing Director for Embracing Aging, is responsible for all aspects of our Embracing Aging work that improves how people experience aging in York County.


    Please reach out to her with any questions about:

    • Grants serving people age 50 and older that align with Embracing Aging’s outcomes
    • Ideas to improve attitudes on aging
    • Ideas to improve accessibility and broaden options so older people can live easily in their homes and communities
    • Our free services for helping YOU create physical spaces, communications, and a culture that is welcoming to all ages
    Lise Levin
    Vice President for Community Investment
    Community Investment

    Lise, Vice President of Community Investment, is responsible for the Foundation’s high impact grantmaking programs and strategic community leadership and improvement initiatives.

    Please reach out to her with any questions about:

    • Memorial Health Fund grant program
    • YCCF’s Fund for York County larger grant program

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