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Embracing Aging can help people discover what factors are important to consider when deciding where and how we live, both now and in the future.  We want York County residents to experience quality living as we age. By thinking beyond our health, we acknowledge that our home, location, transportation, community engagement, and finances all play an integral role in aging well.

With the increase in longevity, YCCF commissioned a study to assess community needs and to identify barriers impacting the quality of life for older people.

As a result of the findings, Embracing Aging was launched in 2013. But the genesis for this initiative began 100 years earlier, in 1913 when Anna Gardner gifted her family’s estate to the care of older single women.  After growing the estate, a mansion was purchased and named the Hahn Home. For 40 years, the women residing at the Hahn Home had their living expenses paid for by funds from the estate.  After the sale of the Hahn Home in 2007, the Hahn Home Fund was established at YCCF. Today, Ms. Gardner’s legacy lives on through Embracing Aging.

Donor Anna Gardner and Hahn Home Fund Supports Embracing Aging


Photo 1: Hahn Home; Photo 2: Anna Gardner

Embracing Aging provides:

  1. Grants to nonprofit organizations serving people age 50 and older
  2. Education and advocacy to reframe the stigma of aging and build age-equity.
  3. Resources, tips, and advice from subject matter experts on a variety of aging-in-place topics
  4. Strategies for families to have difficult conversations with their aging loved ones
  5. Opportunities to share your needs, wants, and concerns about aging in York County


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YCCF’s DEI Northstar

The York County Community Foundation board and staff are committed to making York County equitable and inclusive. We will prioritize our own internal education on systemic racism, ageism, and other forms of bias. All decision-making will be mindful of equitable practices and diversity, including decisions about grantmaking, donor services, and community initiatives. To fuel, lead, and support community transformation, we will be bold, intentional, authentic, and public about our values and commitment to racial equity. Sharing knowledge and power is essential to this commitment.



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