Five Reasons to Consider Charitable Giving Through YCCF

Support Your Cause

You can support the causes you care about most - forever.

Family Friendly

You can provide for your family AND support charity at the same time.

Flexible Options

YCCF provides a number of flexible options for giving.

Wealth Isn't Necessary

You don't have be wealthy to leave a gift.

Leave a Legacy

Your name can live on forever!

To find out all the ways to give (now and later) please contact us
so that we may help you meet your charitable goals.

Of Fueling
Community Transformation

Our Mission

We create a Vibrant York County by engaging donors, providing community leadership, and investing in high-impact initiatives while building endowment for future generations.

Our Vision

York County is a growing, prosperous
and united community with unsurpassed opportunities for everyone to thrive.

YCCF’s DEI Northstar

The York County Community Foundation board and staff are committed to making York County equitable and inclusive. We will prioritize our own internal education on systemic racism, ageism, and other forms of bias. All decision-making will be mindful of equitable practices and diversity, including decisions about grantmaking, donor services, and community initiatives. To fuel, lead, and support community transformation, we will be bold, intentional, authentic, and public about our values and commitment to racial equity. Sharing knowledge and power is essential to this commitment.