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Racial Equity

The York County Community Foundation (YCCF) is dedicated to taking the necessary steps toward advancing racial equity in our community. Our vision is that York County is a growing, prosperous, and united community where all have unsurpassed opportunities to thrive. This vision, which serves as a driving force for our work, cannot be achieved when members of our community have limited access to healthcare, educational opportunities, and financial well-being because of their race.

We also know that we have to walk the walk. In 2020, YCCF underwent a strategic planning process and listened to community stakeholders. We agreed that diversity, equity, and inclusion are values that must be woven into all our work. In 2021, we engaged a consultant to help us see our blind spots and understand our bias. We are developing approaches to use an equity lens as we connect with donors, partner with grantees, engage volunteers and use our voice for a more inclusive and equitable community.

Our board and committees are becoming more diverse. More grantees of color are applying for and receiving grants. Leadership is active in community efforts to confront racism.  And the YCCF Board and DEI committee have agreed that we have a responsibility to publicly speak out against acts of hate and injustice. Since 2018, YCCF has awarded well over $1.5 million in grants specifically to reduce educational, economic, and health inequities, revitalize neighborhoods, and promote diversity and inclusion.

We are excited that our Racial Equity Committee has designed and launched a grant program that seeks to support projects and programs that advance equity.  We are hopeful that this dedicated source of funding will continue the momentum for change that has grown in the past year.


YCCF’s DEI Northstar

The York County Community Foundation board and staff are committed to making York County equitable and inclusive. We will prioritize our own internal education on systemic racism, ageism, and other forms of bias. All decision-making will be mindful of equitable practices and diversity, including decisions about grantmaking, donor services, and community initiatives. To fuel, lead, and support community transformation, we will be bold, intentional, authentic, and public about our values and commitment to racial equity. Sharing knowledge and power is essential to this commitment.