Grant Reader Application

Community grants are new for YCCF in 2020.  Grants up to $6,000 will be read, scored, and selected by community grant readers instead of a YCCF committee.

Any community member who is at least 18 years old, resides in York County, and is not employed by a nonprofit agency serving York County can review grants. Grant readers must be able to participate in at least one grant cycle per year and are expected to read/score no more than 10 grant applications per cycle.  Community grant readers must agree to:

  • Maintain confidentiality by not disclosing information about any of the grant applications
  • Fully disclose any conflicts of interest that would prevent you from reading and scoring a grant
  • Read and score grant applications in the designated timeframe
  • Respond in a timely manner to YCCF communications
  • Participate in grant evaluation training, such as a webinar, meeting, and/or completing provided reading materials

Read more about the community grant reader program here.

Apply to be a community grant reader for the second cycle of 2020 by July 22 HERE.