Environmental Stewardship

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Environmental Stewardship

We believe that protecting our environment creates a vibrant York County for today’s Yorkers and for future generations. Here’s how we are putting that into action:

Isabel Anderson understood that York County’s agricultural heritage is an important part of our past and future. That’s why she created the Robert R. Anderson Family Fund to preserve farming in our community. Kristen E. Baylor’s family and the Brown family also contributed to create YCCF’s Agriculture and Land Preservation Fund. For more than 20 years, YCCF has helped preserve hundreds of acres, provided technical assistance to farmers to comply with conservation regulations, and provided scholarships for Yorkers to gain skills to strengthen our farming community. We are also working with key partners to fund projects to protect the economic welfare of our farmers.

For nearly 20 years, the Codorus Watershed Endowment Fund has invested in efforts to restore the Codorus Watershed into a healthy, viable ecosystem. We look for programs that increase water quality and provide additional recreational opportunities on the Codorus Creek. Through our support of programs like the Penn State Master Watershed Stewards volunteer, program, we’re ensuring that the Codorus Creek is a unique York County asset.

Promoting a culture of responsible energy consumption is the focus of our Sustainable Energy fund. Established with the Charles G. Eyster Family Fund, YCCF uses the fund to provide education and technical assistance to nonprofits looking to reduce their energy costs, so that their operating dollars support their mission, instead of their energy bills.