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A Message from the CEO and Chair

Jane M. Conover, President & CEO and Jeff Lobach, Esq., Board Chair

Dear friends:
Each of us is on our own journey through life. Our paths intersect and help define the journey our community takes. We are grateful to play a role in helping you shape your impact on York County with gifts that endure beyond your lifetime.
For the past 60 years, the York County Community Foundation has embraced the ideal of working together for good. We inspire people to enrich their own lives through charitable giving. We are a resource to target grantmaking from those gifts to meaningfully impact lives and our community. We convene conversations to learn about York County’s challenges and opportunities to make our community better.

We are so very grateful to our donors and fundholders, past and present, who sustain the incredible work of hundreds of charities throughout York County and support YCCF’s Fund for York County and Fund for Greater Hanover to provide flexible grantmaking dollars to meet the evolving needs of the day. Your gift moves our community forward.

YCCF envisions a York County that is growing, prosperous and united with unsurpassed opportunities for everyone to thrive. We know that vision can only be achieved through coordinated actions among trusted partners working together towards common goals that achieve lasting change. We commit to building trust and capacity, across all sectors of our community to work collectively to solve our community’s problems. In 2019, we embarked on a learning journey with organizations working to improve the systems that serve us every day and we are continuing to identify opportunities for YCCF to support this kind of community changemaking. It requires us to be open to new ways of thinking and learning from others’ perspectives.

We take on that challenge because we know that our fundholders and nonprofit and community partners expect us to be adaptive leaders, focused on what will make York County more vibrant.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.