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Jeff & Cindy Lobach
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Jeff & Cindy Lobach: Leave a Legacy No Matter Where You Are

Jeff and Cindy Lobach’s varied and eclectic volunteer service led them to create the Jeff and Cindy Lobach Community Fund at the Community Foundation. Jeff, the current Community Foundation board chair, said, “I have a front row seat for the evolution of the Community Foundation to a proactive and impactful driver of positive community change. With college in the rearview mirror for our three sons, we thought now would be a good time for us to focus our giving more strategically and the Community Foundation is the perfect vehicle.”

The Lobachs are passionate about youth, education, health care, and their church, and support organizations that can have “transformative or life-saving effects on our neighbors,” according to Cindy. Globally, the Lobachs are currently working to preserve an area of the Amazon rainforest by helping the villagers living on the edges of the gigantic Tahuayo Tamshiyacu reserve (see photo).

Jeff and Cindy introduced their boys to volunteering and philanthropy by including them in their efforts, which have ranged from marching in support of the Chinese refugees from the Golden Venture in the mid-90s, to bringing them along to the soup kitchen. “One dividend of starting a family fund will be to involve them in philanthropy since they will be making decisions for the fund eventually,” said Jeff.

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