YCCF’s Embracing Aging Helps You Be Proactive

YCCF’s Embracing Aging Helps You Be Proactive

For Joel Conway, his decision to get involved with YCCF’s Embracing Aging stemmed from his desire to be more proactive about his own aging and to be more mindful of his interactions with older adults. Joel is only in his 50s but says the group discussions have helped him become a better listener. Hearing others share their experiences has helped him gain a better understanding of his own family members and the challenges they face as they age. Joel has been sharing EA’s blogs with his friends and family and encourages them to participate in the online sessions.


Joel has facilitated presentations from Cathy Bollinger, managing director of Embracing Aging, for his employer, BAE Systems, the Windsor Lions Club, and his church. Plus, he helped get Embracing Aging featured in the Windsor Borough newsletter!


“Everyone is aging, it’s just not on the forefront of everyone’s mind. But it’s a fact! Accepting this is difficult for some people, but I want to ensure I am using my time wisely and engaging in things that are informational, interesting, and interactive. I call them, The Three I’s. Embracing Aging’s sessions provide content that encompass all three. The discussions force me to stop and take a breath, and most importantly, remind me to pay attention and appreciate my own journey on aging.”


Learn more about Joel’s take on aging in his 30-minute virtual session filled with stories, laughs, and lessons.

Visit www.embracingaging.org for more information on how you can be proactive about your own aging and interactions with older adults.

YCCF’s Managing Director of Embracing Aging, Cathy Bollinger, is available to speak locally, regionally, and nationally on a variety of topics, including creating age-friendly communities and dismantling ageism. If you are interested in having her present to your business, church, or civic group, email her at cbollinger@yccf.org.