Reimagining Aging in York County

Reimagining Aging in York County

YCCF commissioned an Embracing Aging Study to assess the livability of York County. The report identified the need for centralizing information, services, and opportunities for older adults in the smartest, most efficient, and comprehensive way.

As a result of this study, we set on a journey to create TroveStreet.

Launched in Spring 2022, TroveStreet, an affiliate of YCCF, is an online resource that provides valuable information to help residents of York County make more informed decisions about where and how they live. Most people don’t consider how their needs may change as they grow older and how that can impact their quality of life.

TroveStreet encourages adults to plan for the future by offering a treasure trove of guidance, experiences, and
inspiration to help them reimagine their aging.

Supported by YCCF’s Hahn Home Fund and led by Executive Director Cathy Bollinger, TroveStreet is your one-stop shop to guide adults of all ages through immediate and long-term planning related to aging. All the resources you need are on the TroveStreet website for a self-guided plan. If you prefer a more personalized approach, staff also offers individualized planning services to get the exact information you need, when you need it.

As you explore TroveStreet, you’ll learn to plan confidently and proactively to help you live more easily in your home
and community. Plus, you’ll discover ways to take action now!

Cathy also serves as YCCF’s Managing Director of Embracing Aging and has extensive knowledge in concepts of aging-in-place and creating livable communities for all ages.

Start planning for the next phase in your life at and reimagine your aging.