Thriving As We Grow Older

Thriving As We Grow Older

Margaret Manning was extremely excited to turn 70 on March 6, 2020. Little did she know that less than two weeks later, our state and much of the world would be going into lockdown. Margaret, who is usually busy doing things for others, found herself having little contact with friends and family. Her excitement of reaching that milestone began to fade and the isolation led to feelings of despair. When she learned that Embracing Aging (EA) was hosting virtual online sessions to inspire people to think more positively about aging, she knew it would be a great way to feel connected to members of her “tribe”!

“The group conversations with Embracing Aging have given me something to look forward to. The speakers are uplifting and enlightening and the group has helped me approach aging in a new way.” Margaret reached another milestone recently: turning 71 after a year of living through a pandemic. Even though she hasn’t been able to hug her grandchildren, the people she has met virtually, and the topics discussed through the sessions keep her motivated and positive. Too often, we view aging as only the impairment and decline of our mind and body.

A person’s individuality is usually replaced by negative stereotypes associated with a number. This can be damaging to our sense of self, diminish our opportunities, and segregate us from others in the community. It can even shorten lives. Everyone deserves to live in a community that offers meaningful ways to contribute, regardless of our age.

In 2020, Embracing Aging launched a movement to reframe the way we approach getting older. This includes a new website, videos, blogs, enhanced Facebook presence and virtual bi-weekly discussion sessions.

Four Ways YOU Can Join the Movement:

  • TAKE a short assessment to understand your age bias.
  • ADOPT 3 strategies to combat ageism.
  • SHARE your aging experiences in York County.
  • KEEP informed, engaged, and connected – sign up for Embracing Aging’s blogs, events, latest news, and articles that challenge your outlook on aging. Visit for links to your TASK to make York County a great place for you and others to grow up and grow older! Follow us on Facebook @YCCFEmbracingAging