Sustaining Support for Our Kids

Sustaining Support for Our Kids

Children’s Home of York (CHOY) has been a cornerstone of York County’s social fabric since its founding in 1865. For over 150 years, CHOY has been supporting children and their families with programs and services that meet their complex needs. As the organization has grown, CHOY has adapted and expanded to incorporate innovative approaches.

However, innovation isn’t reimbursed by insurance companies or by government programs that pay for the services received by children and their families.
That’s where CHOY’s agency endowment funds at YCCF come in.

“We believe our kids deserve quality services and experiences during their time at Children’s Home,” said CHOY President & CEO, Ron Bunce. “Having a perpetual, reliable source of income allows us to be an industry leader in child welfare services and supports the true cost of providing exceptional care for our kids.”

With the Children’s Home of York Endowment Fund and Flex Fund at YCCF, the organization has been able
to implement several innovations that impact lifelong outcomes for children in their care. Staff members were able to receive training in trauma-informed care.

The organization is implementing a new electronic healthcare records system to improve tracking of the care the kids receive. These funds give CHOY stability to weather both the good times and the bad. In 158 years, the organization has endured the Great Depression, two World Wars, several stock market booms, and busts, and most recently, a global pandemic. Ron credits the generosity of York County, and the foresight of former board members who made certain Children’s Home would be there for future generations when they need them.

“Our funds at YCCF give us an opportunity to tap into investment resources in our local community that we could not access on our own,” said Ron. “At Children’s Home, we then shepherd those resources carefully so our kids can realize their unlimited potential, despite the obstacles they face.”