Sustaining an Entertainment Gem

Sustaining an Entertainment Gem

The Appell Center for the Performing Arts has been the premier location for entertainment in York for nearly 100 years. However, when the pandemic hit, venues, including the Appell Center’s two theatres, were forced to close and operate at reduced capacity for 18 months.

Staff at the Appell Center credit the generosity of the York community for helping them through the uncertain times. “Our members contributed to our Emergency Stabilization Fund, established in March 2020,” shared Mindi Haines, Director of Development. “Many of them maintained their memberships or even increased their support, despite having no shows on our stages.”

The Appell Center also had the security of an endowment fund at YCCF that helps sustain the organization year over year. This fund supports operations, programs, and maintenance of the two historic theaters. In fact, the Appell Center is preparing to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Strand Theatre in 2025.

Appell Center staff are in the planning stages now for a series of events that will pay homage to past shows, while providing opportunities for the entire community to be part of the celebration.

Appell Center Fast Facts:

  • 1262 seats in the Strand Theatre
  • 450 seats in the Capital Theatre
  • 80,000 people attend shows annually
  • 10,500 K-12 students attend educational programs
  • 13 full-time and 10 part-time staff
  • Home to York Symphony Orchestra and York Youth Symphony Orchestra