Embracing Aging Grants Program

Improving Aging in York County

For Grant Seekers Embracing Aging Grants

Embracing Aging Grants Program

Embracing Aging is supported by the Hahn Home Fund, which was established through the bequest of Anna Gardner. Chester H. Thomas Fund is also included in Embracing Aging.

Embracing Aging focuses on improving how people experience aging in York County.

Delivery and evaluation of programs/services best meets the needs and desires of people aged 50 and older as a result of lessons learned from Covid-19.

Indicators to measure this outcome:
Improved relevance and impact.
Increased outreach and accessibility.

Our vision is to make York County a great place to age!

Community Grants
Embracing Aging holds community grant cycles each year where community volunteers read applications requesting up to $6,000 and select which grants to fund. Community grant applications are shorter than other YCCF grant applications.

Important Dates
July 6, 2021                    Grant cycle opens
August 6, 2021              Applications due
September 1, 2021       Awards announced

Contact Cathy Bollinger at [email protected] regarding Hahn Home Fund for Embracing Aging Community Grants.

Competitive Grants
EA improves how people experience aging in York County. Grants are awarded to programs serving people aged 50 and older. Competitive grants focus is on funding nonprofits as they deliver services in new ways as we emerge from Covid-19. Grants of up to $10,000 will be considered by EA’s Distribution committee.

Important Dates
July 14, 2021                      Grant cycle opens
September 8, 2021         Applications due
September 23, 2021       Revised applications due
December 10, 2021         Awards announced

Contact Cathy Bollinger at [email protected] with questions about EA’s competitive grants.

Want to Get Involved?

To learn more about our Embracing Aging Initiative, please contact:

Lise Levin
Vice President for Community Investment
Cathy Bollinger
Managing Director of Embracing Aging
Layla Boyce
Grants and Scholarship Program Administrator