Embracing Aging Grants Program

Improving Aging in York County

For Grant Seekers Embracing Aging Grants

Embracing Aging Grants Program

Embracing Aging is supported by the Hahn Home Fund, which was established through the bequest of Anna Gardner; also includes the Chester H. Thomas Fund.

Embracing Aging focuses on improving how people experience aging in York County. We work to:

  • Increase opportunities to engage in the community as one wants/needs
  • Improve quality housing options
  • Help older prepare to age in community

Our vision is to make York County a great place to age!

Community Grants

Embracing Aging holds community grant cycles two times each year where community volunteers read applications of up to $6,000 and select which grants to fund. Community grant applications are shorter than other YCCF grant applications.

Important Dates

Grant Cycle 1

Feb. 3, 2020                Grant cycle opens
March 3, 2020            Applications due
April 8, 2020              Awards announced

Grant Cycle 2

July 7, 2020                Grant cycle opens
August 7, 2020          Applications due
Sept. 9, 2020             Awards announced

Contact Roth Preap at with questions about community grants.

Larger Grants

Grants up to $20,000 may be considered throughout the year if they demonstrate scale and scope in Embracing Aging’s focus areas. We also can consider larger grants that create systemic change, including:

  • Larger multiyear grants that build collaborative groups’ capacity to work in a collective impact framework
  • Programs identified by a collaborative group as having the highest priority

To see a summary of the collective impact framework, click here.

Contact Cathy Bollinger at with questions about larger grants.

Want to Get Involved?

To learn more about our Embracing Aging Initiative, please contact:

Lise Levin
Vice President for Community Investment
Cathy Bollinger
Managing Director of Embracing Aging
Layla Boyce
Grants and Scholarship Program Administrator