Mike Heidler Family Fund

Established in 2013
Heidler Roofing has been giving back to York County for a long time, and that's the way Mike Heidler likes it. For the past 55 years, Mike says that York County has supported his business, so giving back is only natural. "It makes us, the ownership, happy to give back to the community and to the people that really need the help," Mike said. Now he believes it's time to take his charitable giving to a more personal level. Mike established the Mike Heidler Family Fund at the Community Foundation so that he could keep giving back to the community in ways that have personal meaning to him. Mike knows he is one of the fortunate ones: he balances a successful business with quality family time, and is able to do things he enjoys such as play golf and dine out. This fund will remind his family of the importance of sharing with others who are less fortunate and will allow them to be more involved in philanthropy.