Henry and Dorrie Leader Education Endowment

Established in 2007

In honor of Henry’s and Dorrie’s great dedication to the students of York City, York City Dollars for Scholars established the Henry and Dorrie Leader Education Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation to provide lasting support to YCDFS scholarship and educational support programs. Henry (Dorrie passed away in 2012) strives to support diversity, tolerance, and equal educational and economic opportunity for York City residents. “York City Dollars for Scholars does more than hand out scholarships,” says Henry. “In 2003, we started the York City Scholars Program, which reaches out to students who possess tremendous possibility, but often lack opportunity for success. It’s one more avenue to help these kids get on the right path.” Students in this program meet weekly with a program counselor to explore career and college opportunities, develop personal goals, and prepare for college entrance exams. Henry looks forward to the continued growth and success of the DFS program. “These kids are the future,” Henry reminds us. “If we don’t come forward to support them, who will?”