Dr. David N. Plessett Dental Assistance Fund

Established in 2014
Dr. David N. Plessett Dental Assistance Fund

Dr. Bryan Siegelman and his wife, Allison, are known for their generosity, so it came as no surprise when they created the David N. Plessett Dental Assistance Fund at the Community Foundation to honor Bryan’s dental partner, Dr. David Plessett, upon his retirement from the practice. The fund will be used to subsidize the cost of patients’ care at WellSpan’s Dental Health Center.

Bryan bought Dr. Plessett’s periodontal practice in 1991 and the two continued to work together until Dr. Plessett retired in 2014. Bryan and Allison knew a fund named in his honor designed to help disadvantaged residents in the community afford dental care would be a wonderful way to recognize Dr. Plessett for the contributions he made to improving dental healthcare. “He is one of the visionaries,” Allison Siegelman told the York Daily Record. “It’s a perfect way of wrapping up his legacy here.”

Dr. Plessett’s service and contributions have impacted generations of dental educators, practitioners, students, and patients. Fifty years ago he became York County’s first periodontist and throughout that period he worked tirelessly to deliver excellent clinical care and innovations to improve dental health. He was instrumental in instituting guidelines and program development for the dental residency program for York Hospital, and in addition was an associate professor of periodontology at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Bryan and Allison are thrilled to be able to honor Dr. Plessett with something as impactful as a dental healthcare assistance fund with York County Community Foundation. They gave the initial gift to start the fund, and then encouraged friends, family, dental colleagues and patients to contribute. Their efforts have paid off: the endowment fund has more than surpassed their goal of raising $25,000 to a total of over $55,000. The fund continues to be open to new contributions as the need to assist community residents afford dental care continues to grow. They look forward to hearing how many WellSpan Dental Health Center patients have benefited from assistance they received from this fund.