Krista Darr

Krista Darr

At YCCF, we know that our organization’s success is due in-part to our amazing Board of Directors. To show our appreciation, we’ll be highlighting some of them throughout the year.

Today, we’d like you to meet, Krista Darr. Krista just completed her term as Board Chair at YCCF and we are grateful for her leadership and passion.

Krista grew up in York County in the borough of Dallastown and attended high school and college outside of York, but returned for her first job post college.

Learn more about Krista in her own words:

I love the diversity of experiences York can provide. As a runner, I appreciate the rail trail and numerous hiking trails across our many county parks.  But I also enjoy the small business shopping and dining the city offers. Lastly, the proximity to major cities and airports makes it a great community to raise a family but still be connected to a wider variety of experiences/travel outside of the area.

When I first started my banking career in York, leadership made it clear that serving the community was a key part of the job. While it started as an expectation from my company, it grew to be my passion as I could see the difference my efforts were making. Over time, as I raised my family in York, I could see how volunteerism is critical to ensuring that organizations can continue to serve our community needs into the future.

To me, philanthropy means sharing resources with others, especially those who do not have access to those same resources. I grew up in a home which met the poverty guidelines. I was fortunate to have access to good education and support from extended family.

My siblings and I were first generation college students. I have been blessed with a great career and tremendous opportunities. I feel it is important to help others who may not have been as fortunate as me. Whether that is money or time, sharing resources helps to make the community better for all of us.

In my spare time, I enjoy running and traveling.