Community Foundation, WellSpan Health Announce New EMS Fund

Community Foundation, WellSpan Health Announce New EMS Fund

WellSpan Health has established a fund at York County Community Foundation with the goal of creating a more coordinated, regional EMS system that effectively meets the needs of York County communities. WellSpan, which established the fund with an initial investment of $500,000, hopes to grow the fund to $1 million by encouraging new donations through an additional $250,000 match. The Community Foundation and its volunteer Grant Distribution Committee will oversee the grantmaking process.

“The Community Foundation is incredibly excited about the possibilities created by the WellSpan Emergency Services Fund,” said Jane Conover, senior vice president and chief operating officer of the Community Foundation. “When a well-respected organization such as WellSpan adds its voice for more efficient and effective community services, it creates a ripple effect that will inspire others to look outside the box for solutions to pressing community issues.”

“The WellSpan Emergency Services Fund aims to facilitate and nurture a strong regional emergency medical response system in York County,” said Keith Noll, president of WellSpan York Hospital and senior vice president, WellSpan. “We believe the best EMS model for York County is one that is led by the community, and this grant program will help to foster community-led regionalization.”

The WellSpan Emergency Services Fund underscores WellSpan’s commitment to ongoing support of regional solutions to the provision of EMS Services. A partnership with the Community Foundation allows WellSpan to make use of the Foundation’s expertise in promoting the growth of nonprofit and municipal strategic alliances within the community, which is one of the Community Foundation’s high-impact initiatives. Over the past few years, the Community Foundation has awarded $244,000 in grants to help 24 nonprofit organizations achieve significant partnerships or mergers for greater efficiencies and increased sustainability.

Grants from the WellSpan Emergency Services Fund will be awarded to nonprofit or government organizations that deliver EMS services and are working toward regional solutions for the provision of services. The aim is to ensure the effective coverage for all areas of York County, particularly underserved communities. The Community Foundation’s Distribution Committee, a volunteer group of York County residents, and its Board of Directors will approve the grants.

Grants may be made for purposes such as professional services, start-up resources, and/or the development of new and innovative collaborative projects in order to meet the emergency service needs of the community. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in collaboration, the capacity to expand their scope of service, and the ability to sustain the project post-grant. Applicants and their proposed partner organizations must be either a nonprofit and tax-exempt organization, or a unit of government or a public agency.