2022 New Funds

2022 New Funds

We are pleased to announce the 17 new funds created in 2022:

Agency Funds:

DreamWrights Center for Community Arts Flexible Fund

Gretchen Wolf Swartz Scholarship Fund, Inc. Flexible Fund

Susquehanna Heritage Corporation Flex Fund

York Academy Foundation Endowment Fund

Designated Funds:

Dale “Sid” Trump Memorial Scholarship Fund

Edmund and Esther Miller Scholarship Fund

James V. and Mabel L. Blouse Memorial Fund

The Kenneth M. Wallick, Jr. Fund

Jeffrey D. Sindicich Fund

Pete and Linda Tate Family Fund for Children & Youth

Field of Interest Funds:

Bonnie Lake Barnes Fund

Douglas and Lorie Sheaffer Housing Fund

The Bob Hoffman Sports and Fitness Fund

James M. and Goldie Lentz Henderson Fund

Joanne Gerlach Fund for Education

Unrestricted Funds:

Jack and Ellen R. Kay Fund for York County

Jack and Kitty Shorb Fund for York County