2022 Annual Report Message from the CEO and Board Chair

2022 Annual Report Message from the CEO and Board Chair

York County – you are remarkable! It is because of your generosity and our shared vision for our community that we can fuel community transformation. We are grateful for you! In 2022, we launched new initiatives and programs, celebrated milestones, and helped organizations and individuals sustain their legacies forever. We’re doing all of this in adherence to the strategic plan we began implementing last year, and are adapting as we learn.

Our Embracing Aging initiative kicked off its 10th Anniversary celebration in September 2022. When the Hahn Home board brought their assets to YCCF, we commissioned an Embracing Aging study to assess the livability of York County. The results of that study shaped our Embracing Aging program for 10 years, and led to our newest initiative, launched in April 2022, called TroveStreet.

As community needs change, the Fund for York County enables us to adapt to the most pressing issues of the day. In 2022, we launched our THRIVE grant program, awarding grants from the Fund for York County. THRIVE grants focus on programs and collaboratives that build economic mobility for low-income people. We know we need to bring down the barriers people face when working to achieve economic mobility. We can do this by working together to connect people to opportunities and provide them with support to stay on the path to financial mobility. We get energized when we can be the fuel for transformational change in individual lives and our community as a whole.

Investing in transformational change sets YCCF apart. Because gifts to the foundation are endowed, our community has a permanent source of grants that help people thrive year after year. We’re York’s foundation – here to build a united and prosperous community today and for future generations.

YCCF understands that we can accomplish more together than alone. This is why we are so grateful to our many donors and the courageous community leaders who envision a better life for us all.

Thank you to all of you for choosing us as a philanthropic partner and for joining us on our journey to provide opportunities for everyone in York County to THRIVE!

We create a Vibrant York County by engaging donors, providing community leadership, investing in
high-impact initiatives while building endowment for future generations.

York County is a growing, prosperous and united community with unsurpassed opportunities for everyone to thrive.

The York County Community Foundation board and staff are committed to making York County equitable and
inclusive. We will prioritize our own internal education on systemic racism, ageism, and other forms of bias. All
decision-making will be mindful of equitable practices and diversity, including decisions about grantmaking, donor
services and community initiatives. To fuel, lead, and support community transformation, we will be bold, intentional,
authentic, and public about our values and commitment to racial equity. Sharing knowledge and power is essential to
this commitment.