Help Your Aging Be Better

Help Your Aging Be Better

Aging is inevitable.  Yet most of us don’t plan for what we want our lives to be like in the future, beyond possibly saving for retirement.  We settle for life as it is, without considering how our needs and desires might change, or how this might impact how we live in our homes and communities.

My grandparents were like this.  They lived in a two-story home about a mile from the town where they walked for groceries, banking and appointments.  Steps led to each entrance of the home.  The only bathroom was on the second floor.

Their home was the go-to place for gatherings.  Like most of us, they wanted to remain in their home as they aged but didn’t explore options to modify it should one of them experience declining health.   So when my grandfather was no longer able to navigate steps, his quality of life plummeted.  They lost valuable time together in their home.

My grandparents’ experience 35 years ago influenced decisions my husband and I made when building our home in 1987.  We ensured only one step entry into the home, added a full bathroom and laundry room on the first floor and a closet to the family room to easily convert it to a bedroom.

Today, we’re exploring converting the tub in the downstairs bathroom to a no step walk-in shower and replacing all doorknobs with lever-style ones.   We are discussing where we might live if no longer able to care for our property.

Housing is only one aspect to consider.  What about transportation, self-care, social engagement and more?

For quality aging it is to your benefit to take a holistic approach.


TroveStreet, a new online platform and interactive service coming in 2022, helps you explore the topics of Home & Place, Transportation, Healthy Living, Joy & Meaning and Money Matters to reimagine your aging experience.  The trove of information, resources and opportunities gives you wisdom to plan for and do things to improve how and where you live as you age.

TroveStreet’s Planning Services can help you at every step.  Whether you need a quick answer, help getting started or one-on-one guidance for detailed planning, TroveStreet provides an experienced navigator to help you reach your goals.

TroveStreet’s Resource Center offers insider wisdom, curated resources and inspirational articles designed to help you make informed decisions in the topics that matter most to you.

TroveStreet’s Events provides a blend of virtual and in-person education and entertainment activities designed to motivate you to explore new passions and pursuits.

TroveStreet’s Exclusive Offers help you save on local experiences, products and services.

To learn more about TroveStreet and how it can help your aging be better contact Cathy Bollinger at