Community Grant Reader: Melissa Partridge

Community Grant Reader: Melissa Partridge


Read what inspired Melissa Partridge to become a community grant reader with YCCF and learn how you can join this passionate group of volunteers.

How did you learn about this volunteer opportunity?

I wanted to do something that would expand my skill set and grant reading seemed like a good fit.  It has been a wonderful experience and as a result of being a community grant reader, it has helped my awareness in requesting grants for TAFE (Theatre Arts For Everyone).

What do you like best about being a community grant reader?

The part I like best about being a community grant reader is the opportunity to have a first look at organizations that have a passion for our community.

Which causes are you most passionate about?

The causes that I am most passionate about deal with education, the arts, and the elderly.

Which grant was the most impactful for you, and why?

The grant that had the most impact on me was in this last cycle of grant requests.  It was a request for a grant that would help beautify a garden/walking path to allow seniors and the community to have a space of peace and safety to gather.  It solidified for me that impact of nature and providing spaces for people to connect through the uncertainty of the pandemic.

What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you

I met my husband on a blind date in college.  We were set up on a date by our roommates who were dating each other.  They are not still together, but we are!

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