Community Foundation Promotes Conover And Tate: Growth And Community Leadership Role Prompt Changes

Community Foundation Promotes Conover And Tate: Growth And Community Leadership Role Prompt Changes

In 2010, in response to the community’s request, York County Community Foundation implemented a mission designed to foster community leadership and improvement as well as engage with donors to meet their charitable objectives. “The community support has been very gratifying,” stated Bill Hartman, the Foundation’s president and CEO. “We have worked hard to accelerate improvement in our communities and better assist our donors in achieving their objectives. As of December 31, our total assets exceeded $100 million, a real milestone for us and recognition of strong community support. We are promoting two of our senior executives to help continue this momentum and manage our growth.”

Jane Conover, Vice President of Community Investment, has been named Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and will be responsible for the Foundation’s high-impact community improvement initiatives as well as the marketing and communications functions. Bryan Tate, Vice President of Philanthropy, has been named Vice President and Chief Development Officer and will develop and lead the Foundation’s donor engagement and professional advisor strategy and delivery.

“In addition to recognizing the contributions of these executives, these steps allow the Community Foundation to further its leadership, community improvement, and growth goals while maintaining the highest level of integrity in our daily operations,” said Hartman. “Jane and Bryan, working with George Dvoryak, Vice President, Finance and Operations, and Tracy Daniels, Managing Director of Marketing and Communications, comprise an excellent management team that is highly qualified to lead the Foundation’s continued positive direction. It is a pleasure to work with such strong management and support teams that we are fortunate to have at the Foundation.”

Conover has been with the Community Foundation since early 2010, when she was hired as Vice President of Community Investment. During her tenure at the Community Foundation, she has launched efforts to revitalize Continental Square, made recommendations on education, and created the Embracing Aging Initiative, as well as taken on an increased leadership presence in the community, serving as lead staff executive to the YorkCounts initiative. She has strategically aligned the Foundation’s grantmaking with community needs.

Tate has a decade of service to the Community Foundation. He joined the Foundation in 2004 as Vice President of Community Investment, where he directed the Foundation’s grantmaking program and had oversight of four committees. As Vice President of Philanthropy, Tate has revitalized our professional advisor engagement and 1749 Society and has been instrumental in the growth of the Foundation’s assets, which now exceed $100 million.