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The Meckley Family : Creating A Legacy of Generational Philanthropy

Most parents hope to impart wisdom and set a good example for their children. Dave and Betsy Meckley went a step further by teaching their children the importance of philanthropic giving and volunteering in the community.

The couple has been committed to serving York County for decades. In 2005, they established the Dave and Betsy Meckley Family Fund to ensure the continued support of organizations and causes they care about, and chose to name their children, Allison and Daniel, as advisors to the fund.

Dave & Betsy Meckley

A year later, Dave and his brother were searching for ways to honor their parents’ outstanding contributions to the community. Serving as Board Chair at YCCF at the time, Dave was familiar with endowments and decided that a donor-advised fund at the Foundation would also allow his parents’ legacy of philanthropy to live on in perpetuity.

In 2006, the Eleanor and Daniel G. Meckley III Fund was established and provided the Meckley family the opportunity to create a legacy that spanned three generations. “I felt it was important to provide our children with a more meaningful way to be involved in philanthropic giving” said Dave, when asked what inspired him to include his children.

Daniel & Allison Meckley

The brother and sister duo have been advising these funds and supporting local community projects since 2005. The areas they are most driven to support include human services organizations and environmental projects.

The Meckleys have witnessed how generational philanthropy can have a lasting impact, not just on the communities or organizations receiving funds, but on the people involved in the decision-making process.

For Dan, he says, “It was a great gift for Allison and me to receive from our parents. Since both of us volunteer with nonprofits and serve on boards and fund allocations committees, we’ve been able to build connections with people and gain a better understanding of the needs in the community. It makes our job of deciding which programs to fund much easier.”

Dave and Betsy have enjoyed watching their children get involved in the grants process. They believe that by providing the next generation this opportunity, not only have they become more invested in supporting causes that impact their future, but as Dave stated, “their perspective has become better than ours to direct funds for a greater impact in the community.”

Allison says seeing the direct impact of their grants on others is deeply moving and realizes it was what drove her grandparents to want to give back to the community they cared about. “Some of the needs of organizations may be similar to my grandparents’ time, but those needs are also evolving as the community changes and grows.” shared, Allison. “I think Grandma and Grandpa would be excited to see what Dan and I are doing to carry on their legacy.”

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