Community Grant Reader: Peggy Davidson

Community Grant Reader: Peggy Davidson

Read what inspired Peggy Davidson to become a community grant reader with YCCF and learn how to join this passionate group of volunteers.

How did you learn about this volunteer opportunity?

I heard about the opportunity to read grant applications from a friend, and I was all in. I had written many grant proposals asking for money in my fund development career. This seemed a good opportunity to be on the other end.

What do you like best about being a community grant reader?

Reading the applications for new ideas and projects and having a measure of input to determine if their ideas, costs, and plans are valid and merit the commitment of YCCF donors. 

Which causes are you most passionate about?

Personally, I love saving the environment, but I’m open to anything that is well thought-out and will improve our community – whether it’s downtown improvement, arts, homeless, seniors, disadvantaged children, etc. There are so many needs in York, and I don’t let my leanings impact the brilliant creative ideas in the applications. My eyes have been opened to so many other needs beyond what presses my personal buttons. I like to think that by spending my time critically reviewing the many applications YCCF receives, I’m being a good steward of YCCF funds.

Which grant was the most impactful for you, and why?

I have reviewed 20-30 grant applications so far and I can’t say there was only one that stood out to me. The grant applications that most touch my heart involve bringing joy to the lives of seniors, especially those in nursing homes because that hits home for me. I’m touched by all things involving children, especially projects that immerse kids in gardening and conservation experiences – taking care of Mother Earth. 

If I can say this: even the applications that don’t quite pass muster still wow me because the applicants want to improve something in York County and their heart is in the right place. Hopefully, YCCF’s review process helps them refine their approach and come back to the table with a better proposal.

What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?

I abhor our throw-away culture so I have evolved into a conservation addict on a micro scale. I compost/vermicompost and recycle everything possible. I hang laundry outside to dry and conserve water as if this was California. I can’t help myself. 

Also, my summers are dedicated to bocce.

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