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Old Dogs Do Learn New Tricks

A phrase frequently used is “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Sometimes this refers to one being too stubborn to learn to do something differently.  Often it is used to suggest that older people are not capable of learning new things. This assumption is simply not true!  Whatever your age, your brain can […]

No One Wants to Go on Vacation for Decades

Of course you will want to sleep in late, stay in your pajamas, and binge watch a television show during your retirement – you’ve earned it!  But no one wants to go on vacation for decades. Okay, if you have money to jet set across the world for 52 weeks year after year, a permanent […]

Listening with Compassion

Sometimes you wish to share something about your life.  When you do, you want a person who listens with empathy, intention, and without judgement. That’s the role Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden had in each other’s life for years.  They recognize compassionate listening is a fundamental need people share, which is the reason they created […]

10 Things to Love About Aging

Of course, things change as you age.  However, when you only view aging as impairment and decline, it damages your sense of self, diminishes your opportunities, and prevents you from valuing the wisdom older people bring to your community. That’s why Embracing Aging began hosting a series of online interviews with older adults.  We want […]

My Brains Didn’t Leave with My Hair Color

During a recent interview with Sonya Bloom, she shared one of the reasons she decided to facilitate discussions to reduce ageism. “My brains didn’t leave with my hair color,” stated Sonya. When she stopped coloring her hair, her beautiful white locks became visible.  People began treating her differently.  She was shocked by the changes in […]

The New Pill That Can End Aging

A few years ago, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, I saw an ad in a Reader’s Digest publication for “the new pill that can end aging because it is guaranteed to help de-age your body 15 to 20 years.”  It claimed, “The world’s leading anti-aging doctors, scientists and two Nobel Prize winners agree that […]

Focus on the Whole, Not the Hole

When we see someone using a cane or walker, the stigma associated is often “old, slow, and feeble minded.”  When we hear someone is living with dementia, we automatically focus on what has been lost versus what is possible with what remains. No one wants to eat the doughnut because of the hole; the hole […]

COVID’s Impact on Isolation

Covid-19 brought an urgency and increased focus to the problem of social isolation. So it was no surprise to Embracing Aging that connectivity was a common theme from our January 22nd online session titled, Let’s Talk Aging.  In a robust exchange of ideas, participants cited fear, accessibility, and motivation as barriers to engagement of older […]

Start Recording!

There is power in hearing someone’s story.  Stories help connect people because they provide a glimpse into one’s life.  They offer perspective, build understanding, and can help change hearts. Conversations are gifts.  Yet sometimes in the busyness of everyday life, we do not take time to engage in meaningful discussions.  This is especially true for […]

When You Help Others, You Help Yourself

Wonderful gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes they are actual products, other times not.  I find gifts related to experiences, memories, and inspiration the best ones to give and receive. Earlier this month I got such a present, while interviewing Donald and Edna Sterner in an Embracing Aging session titled, The Gift of […]