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York is home

Joe Wagman has philanthropy in his blood. His father taught him lessons of giving, passing along his own father’s simple adage: “You must attend to your family, your business, and your community, in that order of priority.” Joe and his wife, Susan, take that responsibility seriously. They are passionate about the York community, particularly its downtown and venues such as the Strand-Capitol, and are thrilled to be part of its recent and continued renaissance. “We love working with others who see the potential for the City of York,” Joe says.

Joe serves as Chairman of Better York, and as a Community Foundation board director is impressed with the recent shift of the Foundation toward a more proactive leadership role in addressing community needs. In 2014, in support of that effort, Joe and Susan established the Joseph G. and Susan G. Wagman Fund for York County at the Community Foundation to endow their charitable giving permanently.

Joe and Susan’s giving strategy aligns well with the Community Foundation’s focus on revitalizing York’s downtown. “We want to help transform the City of York into a vibrant urban center,” shares Joe. “A great downtown can be a source of pride and enjoyment for everyone in York County and beyond.”

The Fund for York County is our fund that can most flexibly address the county's greatest needs. These community needs are determined through research-based analysis and become our high-impact initiatives.
We then award grants that support these initiatives and cumulatively create a high positive impact on the community. Committees consisting of community members and Community Foundation Board Directors then distribute grants to nonprofits who will carry out this change.
The Fund for York County allows you to either donate ANY amount of money which will then be added to the fund or create your own named fund for $10,000. 

York is home

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