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YCCF Allows the Zerbes to Tailor their Giving to Meet Their Passions

The Steigelman and Zerbe Family Fund was established by Susan and Richard Zerbe. “My parents were very quiet, inward reflecting people who left a large part of their estate to charity. Honoring them with this named fund seemed the right thing to do,” said Susan Zerbe. The Zerbes, who have travelled extensively around the globe, observed how many in this world struggle on a daily basis for their basic needs. They understand how fortunate they are and wanted to use some of their resources to help make a difference in other people’s lives. “We were impressed by the diversity of programming options the Community Foundation offers. It allows us to tailor our fund to support the programs we feel most passionate about,” says Susan. The Zerbes feel it is also a way to continue to make a difference after they’re gone. They appreciate that monies left in their fund after their death will be used to fund future York County needs that may not currently exist. Richard writes, “It is also a way for our children and grandchildren to have an understanding of our values and what is and was important to us.”

A Donor Advised Fund could be the right vehicle for your charitable giving if you wish to remain actively involved in recommending grants from your fund. To find out if a Donor Advised Fund is right for you, contact us at 717.848.3733 or email Bryan Tate at

YCCF Allows the Zerbes to Tailor their Giving to Meet Their Passions

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