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York County Community Foundation's Embracing Aging initiative contributes a monthly column to the local Sunday newspaper. Scroll below to read some of our past articles. Most articles are written to help us broaden our awareness and views on aging.
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December 2016

When We Should Stop Using the Word "Still"
“My uncle is 83 and still drives.”
“My grandma is 90 and still goes out dancing.”
“My step-father is approaching 74 and still runs a mile each day.”

Do you see anything wrong with the language above?  It’s the word “still.” READ MORE...
June 2016 
Everyone is the Perfect Age Today
"You only need a mirror to create an aging change," said Dr. Bill Thomas last month as he addressed a crowd of almost 400 people of differing ages in the Waldner Performing Arts Center at York College of Pennsylvania. The reason? Because looking in the mirror and declaring you are the perfect age for you today is the first step in shifting attitudes on aging. READ MORE...
February 2016
Expanding Age-Inclusive Thinking 

Winter storm Jonas helped bring out the good in us all. Neighbors helped neighbors by checking in on each other and shoveling out sidewalks and driveways so that we could get on with our routine lives.

We can all agree that a clear sidewalk is good for everyone and important to going about our daily routines. Whether free of snow, ice, wet leaves, puddles, broken cement, or clutter, age limits don’t apply to a desire for walkable sidewalks. Ensuring sidewalks are walkable is an example of age-inclusive thinking in action. READ MORE... 

December 2015
Tips for Best Engagement of People Living With Dementia 

By Cathy Bollinger, managing director of Embracing Aging, York County Community Foundation

Contributions by Tina Hess, president/CEO, GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc.


The numbers are staggering. Alzheimer’s disease, an irreversible, progressive brain disease that affects nearly 47 million people worldwide, is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Of the top ten causes of death, it is the only one that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed. In America, someone develops Alzheimer’s disease every 67 seconds.


As York County Community Foundation’s Embracing Aging initiative works to make York County a great place to age, we recognize that a variety of barriers may exist to older adults having quality of life, including a lack of awareness and understanding of forms of dementia, and how to best engage with people living with dementia. READ MORE...


July 2015
Flourishing: The Art of Creative Aging 
“Envision a world where all individuals flourish across their lifespan through creative expression.” That wonderful and thought-provoking message was shared by Dr. Greg Finch of The National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA) at a special Creative Aging day on June 25 leading into the Cultural Alliance of York’s 2015 IMPACT Arts and Culture Conference.


York County Community Foundation knows the importance of this message. Our Embracing Aging staff understand how engagement with the arts preserves mental health and acuity.   So it didn’t surprise us when Cultural Alliance of York came to us with this idea for a pre-conference day leading into their biggest conference of the year... READ MORE...

June 2015
Embracing Aging Goes to Washington

You may recall reading one of our past articles in which we shared some of the pushback we have received regarding the name of our initiative, Embracing Aging.

That’s why when the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) called to invite York County Community Foundation’s Embracing Aging initiative to speak about the strategies we’re working on to address attitudes around aging at its May 6 event in Washington, DC, we were thrilled to accept. The event, which took place at the DirksenSenate Office Building, showcased n4a’s research on the growth of the Livable Communities of All Ages movement... READ MORE...


May 2015 

Coming Soon- A Program to Help Change the Perceptions of Aging
Question: What’s wrong with this language?
  • She’s 82, but she’s really young at heart!
  • My dad is 87, but he still drives.
  • My aunt is 90, but she’s still sharp.
  • He’s still working, despite being 74.
  • You’re 83? You don’t look your age.

Answer: Each statement contains a bias towards age. It’s implied that it’s quite out of the ordinary that older people can still be young at heart, can still drive, can still be sharp, can still work, or can still look... READ MORE...

April 2015
How Old Would You Be If You Didn't Know How Old You Are?
By Cathy Bollinger, Managing Director of Embracing Aging
I recently attended the American Society on Aging's Aging in America conference in Chicago, IL. The opening sessions featured JoAnn Jenkins, CEO, AARP, and Dr. Ken Dychtwald, CEO, Age Wave, who shared keynote addresses on the topics of re-imagining aging. Both addressed the important need to change the conversation around aging... READ MORE...
January 2015
A New Year's Resolution: Make Aging Positive
With the turn of the calendar to 2015, York County Community Foundation's Embracing Aging initiative says it's time to STOP dreading aging! Instead of viewing aging as a sense of loss, view it as a sense of gain. In this month of setting resolutions and thinking anew, we encourage everyone to check their personal views on aging. Although everyone is entitled to age the way they choose, a positive view on aging transforms one's experience of aging. In other words, when we embrace our age... READ MORE... 
October 2014
What Do You See?
What are your first thoughts when you see an older person? Are they positive or negative? Do you see the potential and value in an older individual?
Understanding York County's responses to these questions is one way York County Community Foundation's Embracing Aging initiative is building awareness of what it's like to be an older adult.... READ MORE... 

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