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Embracing Aging Grants Program

Improving Aging in York County

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Embracing Aging Grants Program

Embracing Aging is supported by the Hahn Home Fund, which was established through the bequest of Anna Gardner; also includes the Chester H. Thomas Fund.

Embracing Aging focuses on improving how people experience aging in York County. We work to:

  • Improve attitudes around aging by reducing ageism and increasing the understanding and caring about the needs and perspectives of older people.
  • Reduce barriers to aging well resulting in more age-friendly policies and community design to affect systemic change.


Competitive Grants

Competitive grants are open to any qualified nonprofit interested in pursuing a grant in the Fund’s focus areas. Embracing Aging’s competitive grant awards have a maximum amount of either $6,000 (for small competitive grants) or $20,000 (for higher impact competitive grants). Grants must address EA’s outcomes and indicators.

  • Outcome: Older people are prepared to age in community.
    Indicator: Increase in the # of people proactively planning for aging in community and knowing how to connect with services to assist them
  • Outcome: Enhanced quality of life for older adults.
    Indicator: Increase in the # of older people with general well-being and happiness
  • Outcome: More age-friendly physical environments.
    Indicator: Increase in the # of older people satisfied with their access and/or ease of mobility


Important Dates

September 14 – Award announcements emailed/mailed to NPOs

Embracing Aging’s competitive grant cycle is closed for 2018. Watch for information on the 2019 competitive grant cycle.

Partnership Grants

In general, large-scale programs designed to address a critical community issue are more likely to be eligible for partnership grant funding, especially if they are developed in partnership with YCCF and designed in partnership with collaborating nonprofits. Partnership grants have the highest bar to get funded and a flexible cap for funds awarded.


Key components of partnership grants

  1. Larger grant, perhaps requiring longer timeframe and/or multiyear funding.
  2. Will be broad in scope, e.g., not a single population but an entire sector. Examples include collaborative programs to reduce the rate of low birthweight babies throughout York City; foster county-wide economic prosperity; address the housing shortage for low-income seniors; or foster economic and community development in Delta.
  3. Typically, will be a new approach, or will have nonprofits working together in new ways.
  4. YCCF’s level of engagement will be high throughout process.


Want to Get Involved?

To learn more about our Embracing Aging Initiative, please contact:

Lise Levin
Vice President for Community Investment
Cathy Bollinger
Managing Director of Embracing Aging
Layla Boyce
Grants and Scholarship Program Administrator